Couldn’t help but notice dusty air vents during dinner

I really don’t think I’m the type of person who is overly judgmental.

This is especially true when it comes to cleanliness and personal hygiene.

I am not a stranger to waiting three days in between showers. My dishes sometimes stack up in the sink. In general, I don’t worry too much about the external circumstances as much as my internal life. That being said, I was rather shocked when I went on a date recently and realized how absolutely disgustingly filthy my partner’s apartment was. It started okay when I walked in the door and everything appeared to be relatively clean. However, when we sat down to dinner I couldn’t help but notice that there were disgusting air vents uncomfortably close to the kitchen and dining areas. As I looked around, the massive ventilation system caught my eye. I saw that there was a fair amount of grey and black matter hanging around the air duct work which was capped off with air vents. Every time the central heating and cooling system clicked into gear and I felt high quality indoor air passing over my body I started getting very paranoid about all of the filth that was also contaminating the air. I could imagine the clumps of dust, dander, and debris floating from the air vents directly into my food. I had a hard time concentrating on dinner when I was too preoccupied with the air conditioning system and the contaminated air ducts that were transferring the high quality indoor air from room to room. At the end of our date I didn’t recommend that we followed up with a second dinner… But I did recommend a good heating and cooling technician.



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