Coupons are not just for groceries

Have you ever seen the program Extreme Couponing? I’ll never forget the first couple of times we saw it.

That was about two years ago and now I have a basement that looks like a grocery store.

My wife is obsessed with the process and has a stockpile that takes up nearly a hundred square feet. Her friends, and I, along with the neighbors tend to think she is a bit obsessed with the process but I have to admit his saved us a lot of money over the past couple of years. I don’t think I’ll have to buy laundry soap for the rest of my life or shampoo for that matter. There are some items that don’t ever have coupons so we have to pay full price for them but usually those are larger purchase items. For this reason I was really surprised when my wife told me that she was going to have the ductwork in the house cleaned and the HVAC unit serviced for free. I couldn’t imagine that this was a real thing but she had found a coupon online that allowed for this service to be done. Okay, well it really wasn’t a coupon, it was a certificate that was being offered by our local power company to help homeowners conserve energy. The only thing you had to do was agree to participate in a program for the upcoming year that would allow them to monitor and report the amount of energy you are consuming to the federal government. Apparently, based on the amount of consumption savings, the power company could receive tax credits that would be important to their bottom line. It was worth it for them to offer these Services because they knew that a clean and efficient running HVAC system could save homeowners up to 25% on their overall usage. I had no problem with entering into the program and I was very proud of my wife for finding out about these savings to her Extreme Couponing.
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