Cousin loses his HVAC service company after refusing to pay bill

My cousin and I don’t exactly see eye to eye regarding most things.

He is two years older than I and teased me relentlessly growing up, fostering a deep seated resentment for him that only worsened with time.

We were competitive in sports, at family celebrations, and even with dating as we got older. These days it seems to be issues over politics or parenting decisions. But one one of the most recent things I’ve taken repeat notice of is my cousin’s recklessness and carelessness when it comes to paying bills and invoices on time. He has skipped out on paying medical bills for years and is now in hot water with our heating and cooling company for refusing to make good on their arrangement. My cousin needed emergency repairs on his air conditioner in mid-July, and because of his original good standing with this particular HVAC supplier, he convinced them to do the repairs under the assumption he would make payments weekly until the bill was cleared. It was extensive work, totaling well over $2,000 with parts and labor. He is now a month late and he’s still refusing to pay his bill or make any installments. I can’t convince him to look at the bigger picture with this issue, in particular—what is he going to do when he needs maintenance on his heating and cooling system again? We don’t exactly live in a huge city and there are a limited number of HVAC suppliers around. Plus, if he keeps up this habit of skipping out on bills, he’s going to make a name for himself locally and he’ll have service refused everywhere when he needs it the most.

a/c repairman