Cousins broke Heating as well as A/C at family cabin and said nothing

What’s that old phrase? You cannot choose your family? That is absolutely evident in our case, because I would have selected extremely weird human beings than the extended family I wound up with… When I was born into this family, God was playing some kind of a joke on everybody, however i have never fit in with our Aunts, Uncles, or Cousins, and they have never been our favorite people either, and but, we have to get along for the sake of keeping the peace until Grandpa dies.

yesterday I almost lost our temper after I arrived at our cabin and realized that our idiot cousins had broken in the heating and cooling system the last time they were visiting.

I was hoping to go out for a peaceful weekend at our family cabin, and instead I wound up with an Heating as well as A/C disaster that I had to repair. When I first drove up to the cabin, I noticed that there was more garbage outside than usual. I should have realized that this would correspond to the general condition of the lake house and household appliances, including the Heating as well as A/C system! My first night there, I turned on the central heating system and noticed that it was still ice freezing after an seventh. I checked on the temperature control and the furnace itself, but I had no system what was wrong. It was just evident that the heating system wasn’t functional. I messaged our family and asked if anyone could advocate an Heating as well as A/C specialist up here in the woods, however that’s when our idiot cousins chimed in and asked if the oil furnace was still broken. I’m sorry, “still?” The oil furnace broke many weeks ago when they were using the cabin, and they never arranged for a furnace repair or mentioned the Heating as well as A/C failure to any of us. I was livid then, and even more frustrated when I realized they had taken the A/C component beach lake house with them.


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