Coworker cries over busted HVAC

I can’t say that I’m the most empathetic man you’ve ever met, but i like to take care of myself, & believe that other people will do the same, however both of us all have to learn the same skills & responsibilities, so just get started & stop complaining already.

I have a difficult time feeling bad for anybody who causes their own troubles, however to be frank, I don’t have to hear about it when everything falls apart; Recently, I was hanging around in the office when one of my co-workers walked in & started crying; She was entirely bawling & it was pretty dramatic to watch.

When he finally calmed down & the two of us were able to figure out what was wrong, it was even more dramatic. I mean, who cries over air conditioner? My co-worker does, on this unique day, he was bawling his eyep out because his central air conditioner program at lake house had failed earlier that morning. She said he had no system what to do about the cooling program & he was at his wit’s end without any new air temperature control at home. It was the dead of summer, so the days were moderate & humid. For a few moments, I undoubtedly felt bad about his situation & wanted to try to assist with the broken HVAC plan; As I talked to his for longer, however, I finally realized that he was to blame for this entire scenario. Actually, he had never took care of his air conditioner component in 7 years. She left the cooling program cranked down to 62 degrees & went out of neighborhood last week. When he returned, the A/C was abruptly broken, then nevermind.

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