Cozy New Year result of Heating and A/C and home preparation

I’m legitimately satisfied to be going into the modern year given how the last more than one years have gone.

2020 saw me cooped up inside the a/c of my home for the year due to the pandemic.

The past year, 2021, was better thanks to vaccinations however still a legitimately real challenge to deal with. I’m hoping that 2022 will bring us that much closer to a modern normal and much less pandemic. However, I’m starting off the modern year with a legitimately cozy home for the first time. And I haven’t even abandoned my temperature control discipline. The reason for this turn of events has everything to do with some Winter time preparation. This past fall was the first time that I have ever taken the time to really see if I could help the Heating and A/C equipment out. Instead of just trying to limit the temperature control range, I went the extra step this year by sealing the condo up easily tight. This has had the effect of getting the most out of the Heating and A/C unit. Of course, I had the Heating and A/C company come out to do the heating service. Heating and A/C service is easily essential. Getting consistent, seasonal Heating and A/C service adds years to the life of the Heating and A/C equipment. And with that Heating and A/C service, the gas oil furnace will also run at its most efficient as well. That easily helps with the rising costs of heating utilities. But making sure that all the entrances were tight with modern weather stripping was easily important as well. Additionally, I sealed up any gap or crack I could find on the exterior and added some extra rolls of insulation as well.

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