Crafts in tampa

Have you ever had the opportunity to really see the inner city and the people who live there? I don’t mean going through the areas that are inhabited by gangs and violence, I mean the inner city that is rich in history and architecture.

I try and make a point of searching out these areas whenever I go somewhere on vacation.

On a recent trip to Florida I was really impressed with the display of public art the city had to offer. They showcased many of the street artist that have won awards for the craft. Many of the works depicted the rich history and diverse ethnic backgrounds of the residents in the area. These brightly colored displays told the stories of the past and the influences of modern life too. You don’t need to purchase a ticket to enjoy this type of art, you just need to know where to find it. Luckily, Tampa is proud of these displays and offers tours to go and see them. Many times the artist will be on hand to help explain some of the works as well. Street, or Public art can range from huge murals to intricate graffiti type displays and you really need to have an appreciation for this type of display when looking at it.


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