Cranking up my temperature control

When you live in the north during Wintertime, you think what is to be expected, you must prepare for the unpredicted snowfalls, setting your alarm earlier for work so there is time to scrape ice off of your car and convincing yourself not to go to bed by more than five in the evening just because it is dark outside. Wintertime Time often makes myself and others guess unmotivated to do much and gives myself and others more time than needed to catch up on social media and posts for recipes and projects that I will ultimately never get around to. The other week our Wintertime routine had a wrench thrown right at it. I woke up to an really cold house. I was in a rush to get to work so before I left I just cranked up the temperature control temperature and hoped for the best when I came home; Now, instead of even starting to fathom worst-case scenario that our furnace was broken and I would have to spend money for a furnace repairman and perhaps a new furnace all together, I decided to put our social media posts finally to the test. With today’s Internet, you can literally find any do-it-yourself maintenance through step-by-step videos or write-ups. I found websites that gave myself and others a few chances about what could be wrong with our heater. I ended up spending a lot of frustrating hours trying to figure out if it was a blown fuse, an overloaded motor, a blown power switch or just a faulty temperature control. I ended up making more of a mess of our gas furnace because I tugged and pressed on things I shouldn’t have. I believe following do-it-yourself furnace maintenance videos are a lot trickier than they lead you to believe. I should have called an HVAC specialist right from the start.

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