Crime pays

There has been a wave of criminal interest going on in our area, it made myself and others mad when somebody vandalized our car and our Heating and Air Conditioning system, so I decided to do something about it.

I hooked up an advanced security plan that monitors all the areas around our household, but there is no way that anybody can mess with any of our things separate from myself and others knowing about it, and so but I have the cameras around our home, somebody still broke into our car and ended up stealing the air conditioning compressor.

They also tore up the outdoor condenser unit and stole a bunch of copper from inside there. The thing is, I got their face on camera so I showed the video footage to the police. They were able to identify who the criminal was and that guy ended up going to jail. I also sued him for the destructions done to our property and I got our money back! Ever since people heard about this situation and how I was able to help the police catch the criminal, everybody else in our city decided to install security systems also. Ever since others installed security systems, a few other people got caught vandalizing people’s property. Those people also went to jail and were sued for destructions. The crime interest has just about come to an end thanks to everybody getting security systems. The last thing that happened was that somebody tried stealing a window air conditioning unit from somebody’s window. I suppose they didn’t think about the cat because the cat jumped out of the window at the guy and tore him up pretty bad, and he’s in the hospital now and he will be going to jail; Crime easily doesn’t pay!
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