Cryo pain management for arthritis pain

I have been dealing with extreme arthritis for a long time.

I had tried all the natural remedies & also altering what I ate.

I worked out & I went to a massage therapist & a chiropractor. I felt having a professional help with our body was the best. the issue was that I could not rest to let a professional mess with me. I was so sore everywhere that it just wasn’t possible. I tried icing down our body beforehand, however that just did not task well enough. After doing some research online, I realized cryotherapy could possibly help me out. This idea of treatment is where the body is in chilly temperatures for several minutes. I learn that people with arthritic pain honestly have seen some benefits from such cold. I have way less pain after doing a cryo pain management treatment. what I do is our cryo treatment, & then the two of us immediately task with the local occupational therapist. The cryotherapy supplier is literally next door to our occupational therapist. After I am done with the cryo session, I simply run over next door to get loosened up…I do also see a massage therapist. I am way looser & our body just feels tougher. I have been able to get a lot more out of all our sessions since starting cryotherapy. A lot of people worry that the chill would almost task against our arthritis… So far I have seen nothing concerning with being overly cold. The chill doesn’t bother me much anyway.