Custom made furniture is perfect for someone of his size

After Milo and I got hitched and moved in together, he brought a lot of furnishings with him.

Milo had been residing on his own for quite some time, and had been renting a house.

Because my boyfriend is exceptionally tall and broad, my furniture doesn’t really suit him. Milo can’t get comfortable in a normal sized chair, couch or bed, and big-box furniture doesn’t hold up to the weight of him. To match his size, he went to a custom furniture shop and commissioned a residing room, living room and home office set. The custom built furnishings were really costly but also of top quality. Every piece was made and constructed for a man of our boyfriend’s size. When I sit on the couch or in one of the living room chairs, my feet don’t touch the carpet. I struggle to get up onto the bed and I am not happy eating at the table. I’m not cheerful with the custom furniture, but Milo refuses to update it. After such a large investment, he wants to get his money’s worth over years and years of use. We’ve compromised by adding more furniture. I went to the same custom furniture shop and ordered a chair and couch to match his set, but in a much smaller size. I now have a little step stool to get up on to the bed. The two of us still have his gigantic living room table, but also a more reasonably sized living room table.

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