Cutting back on my heating bills

After losing my job last month, I’ve been doing everything I can to help cut back on costs around my apartment so my savings don’t run out before I find a new one. I used to eat out a couple times a week, but I’ve been eating at home instead to save money. Instead of going out to the mall or to the local bar, I stay in and stream movies online or find something else to do with my time that won’t cost me anything extra. If it’s cold, I try to bundle up in a couple of layers instead of immediately turning on my heating. After reviewing some of my older bills, I found that that has always been an issue I’ve had. Electric heating can really run up your electric bill, and since I had a tendency to turn on my apartment’s heating at even the slightest chill, and often times forget to turn it off after things had warmed up, I was wasting a lot of money every month on heating I didn’t necessarily need. Although, after it gets too cold, usually down in the 40s Fahrenheit, I still break and resort to turning on my heating at least for a little while to remove the chill in the air. One I’m working again I plan on looking for a better heating alternative, possibly a more energy efficient heater than the one I own, to help me save money over time, but I can’t afford to make any big changes like that right now. For now, I’m doing good on saving to make ends meet, but it’ll be nice to have some spending cash again and to not have to worry about if I can afford to stay warm.

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