Dad is helping myself and others repair the portable a/c unit

My dad builds off the grid houses out of straw bales, and I recently told him that I wanted a single; He told myself and others that he would help myself and others build a single, but explained that it would be different from our correct luxuries.

He started off by explaining how a single of the big problems he had was the Heating & Air Conditioning system. He knows that I like our A/C device to be turned up to the max, which he says is not consistently possible with an off the grid house. He said I would be using a portable A/C unit, instead of the nice ductless A/C device that I am used to. I wouldn’t be able to add our heated flooring, and there would be no smart temperature control. I don’t mean to sound like an Heating & Air Conditioning snob, but I do like our current technology. I decided against the off the grid home, and instead started to build a tiny home… My method is to make a tiny beach condo that is harshly energy efficient, and I will be following the energy saving tips from our dad. He recommended that since I like our air conditioning system so much, I should invest in solar power to power it. He also told myself and others that he has a neighbor in Heating & Air Conditioning that would be willing to give myself and others the newest technology at a much cheaper rate than usual. I can’t wait for our current condo to be done, and I am especially excited for our current A/C unit. I figure it should be pretty straight-forward to get our beach condo ice cold, considering how tiny it will be. My air conditioning system won’t have to work too hard to cool down the house.



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