Daughter kept adjusting the temperature control settings like it was a game

Our daughter has autism and she tends to become obsessed with certain things like watching the same movies over and over again. Well, when I decided to install a new smart thermostat in our home, she was fascinated by the new HVAC gadget. She kept going to the smart thermostat and adjusting the temperature control settings up and down. I kept telling her not to do that and it wasn’t a toy, but she wouldn’t listen. Whenever she thought I wasn’t looking, she would sneak to the thermostat to adjust the temperature control settings. I would always see her at the corner of my eye while I was working on the computer and I would have to shout at her to not mess with the thermostat. She thought it was some kind of game and she would run away laughing whenever I would catch her. You really can’t be mad at her because she doesn’t understand what the thermostat is for. Eventually, I learned that you can put a pin code on your smart thermostat so that nobody else can adjust the temperature control settings. I decided to do this and it works great. Ever since, our daughter has not been able to adjust the temperature control settings. She was frustrated for a little while, but eventually she gave up trying to mess with the smart thermostat, which I’m thankful for. I really couldn’t stand it when I was working and I would suddenly feel the cooling system engage in the middle of the winter! Then I would have to right away get the heating system back on so we didn’t freeze. I’m glad that’s a thing of the past.

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