Debate about food sitting out in air conditioner

I would consider myself to be a bit of a germaphobe! I get especially neurotic when it comes to food safety because I have experienced food poisoning on several possibilities in our life… My friend in addition to I recently got into a bit of a debate about food safety, however her side of the debate is that she feels that it is perfectly fine to leave food out at a gathering in the dining room as long as the air conditioner is on in addition to the temperature control is set below 70 degrees. In this fight, she is including foods that would normally be refrigerated such as mayonnaise based potato salad in addition to deviled eggs. My friend thinks that these foods can stay out on the counter in an air conditioned house for several hours. I personally disagree with our friend’s fight of leaving perishable foods out for hours in an air conditioned dining room. I personally think that perishable foods should stay in the refrigerator until people are ready to eat them. I do understand that cool temperatures on the temperature control do prevent the spread of germs, however our paranoia is telling myself and others that 70 degrees is not cool enough for food safety. I guess that the food can be left out in the air conditioner while people are making their plates, however it should be venued right back in the refrigerator immediately. My friend brought up a point that air conditioner can help prevent the spread of bacteria in addition to that is why hospitals are consistently cold. I do agree with her point, however properly hospitals set their temperature controls to 69 degrees rather than 70 degrees! At the end of the morning, the people I was with and I did not come to an agreement about the leaving food out in the air conditioner debate.

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