Defeating the HVAC raiders part 2

Evening was falling, and I had not yet completed my mission. I am inserting poison into every window air conditioner of the lodging house of the evil HVAC raiders, but time is short and they will soon arrive. If the HVAC raiders arrived and saw me putting something into the air filters of the window air conditioners, the entire plan would be ruined. I didn’t know how much time I had so I worked harder to get the poison into all the window air conditioners and a couple of the central air conditioners. Finally I was finished just in time for the HVAC raiders to return home from the fighting at the cooling and heating facility. I was posing to be sick in bed and they fell for it. In the middle of the night I sneaked out and detonated the poison in the window air conditioners and central air conditioners. Within I met with the other six HVAC spies and we unleashed the poison at the same time. Within half an hour, the entire HVAC raider group was killed. We then went to the heating and cooling facility and found our friend who had been severely beaten. We reported to the HVAC headquarters and got all the help we could to begin unloading the heating and cooling facility and handing out air conditioners and furnaces to the community. People lined up for miles and miles just to receive a single window air conditioner to get them through the summer. We gave the central air conditioners to larger facilities where homeless and those in need lived. In the fall, we began giving out portable space heaters and hydronic heating systems to everyone. When the hydronic heating systems were gone, we handed out the gas furnaces and electric furnaces.
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