Delivery interrupts workout

I workout for about an hour every single day.

Because I work from home, I’m able to coordinate the timing of my exercise session to accommodate my schedule.

This past week, I was notified that my new couch would be delivered in the morning. I was given a two-hour window for the delivery between 10:30 and 12:30 AM. Although it was extremely chilly and pouring rain, I decided to get my workout completed prior to the delivery. I planned to exercise, shower and get a little work done before I was interrupted by the delivery people. I bundled up in order to exercise because my home gym is not temperature controlled. I managed to get warmed up and had just initiated a workout through a jump rope app on my phone when I heard a strange beeping noise. I suddenly realized that it was the backup alert on a big truck. The delivery people showed up at my house at 8:45. I needed to quit my workout in order to let them in. The process of unloading and placing the couch took about 25 minutes. My muscles totally cooled down and tightened up during that time. Because of being damp with sweat, I was feeling especially cold and miserable. Once the process was complete, I then needed to resume my workout. It was difficult to get motivated again. While I was delighted to have my new couch, I was aggravated about the interruption. I should have been called and alerted to an earlier arrival time.


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