Designing the company website

10 years ago my wife and I made a decision that would change our lives together. We had a shared vision, an idea, a hope for what our future would be. We knew that a lot of people spend their life dreaming of what they hope their future would be without actually putting any effort into that goal. For many, it is just that, a dream. However, our awareness of this made us determined not to fail and so we carefully detailed our ideas and when we were ready, we executed our plan. We were starting our very own heating and air conditioning business and we had done a lot of research into how to successfully start our own business. Once we had our business up and running, we were ready to take the next step in marketing our new company. My wife came up with the brilliant idea of creating a website that would be used to advertise our services. There was only one problem, neither of us knew anything about how to successfully design a website for our business. So we put an ad out there for a web developer and waited to see what we could find. Within a week we were already getting responses. We interviewed the people and chose the guy who fit best. We explained in great detail our plans for the website and all we wanted to have on it. I wanted a section for the HVAC products, an area for the heating units and a space for the cooling unit. I also wanted a page that was dedicated to our services such as HVAC repair and installation. When it was complete, it was with the help of the website that we got so much business.

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