Did the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech change the air filters?

I was getting ready to tell my partner that it was time to change the air filters in the furnace when I remembered every one of us had the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair tech out just many weeks earlier.

I could not, for the life of me remember if he had changed the air filters when he did the maintenance? I looked at his post Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair notes plus there wasn’t anything written in there.

Had he changed the air filter, he legitimately would have taken 1 out of the case of air filters every one of us kept in the basement. Then again, he may have had air filters on the van plus it included it in the kit he brought with him when he did the servicing. I hesitated on calling my partner plus telling him it was time to change the air filter. If it had been done he would ask me if I had Alzheimer’s. If it hadn’t been done plus I didn’t remind my partner, he would be worried with me for not reminding him. I was in a quandary over what I should do. I went downstairs plus counted the air filters left in the box. Going by the sold on this date on the box, I knew every one of us should have ten left if the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C tech had used 1. I decided to wait another week, knowing that 1 month would not make that much difference. The worst that could happen would be that the air filter would be a lot dirtier than usual. Then again, maybe I should just have him change it again since it had been many weeks since the inspection plus maintenance had been done.
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