Dining in a bubble?

My friends and I were talking about going out for lunch, now that some of the bans had been lifted from diners.

I thought the worst part of the corona virus quarantine was needing to cook for myself. My friends and I were enthusiastic to finally get out and do something. We wondered how they were going to handle the mask complication since that was still mandatory. We booked our reservation for that evening at 8:00PM. We walked into the diner, surprised to be the only people inside. We told him about our reservation, and he smiled while leading us to the back of the diner. When he opened the door to the back alley, I hesitated. When all of us saw the lights, all of us walked on out. There were several small bubbles that resembled igloos. Every get-together was given a bubble dine in. He asked if the temperature was okay and all of us agreed. The was perfect inside. We couldn’t odor the outside air, because of the portable media air cleaner. He told us that every bubble came with its own media air cleaner and a/c. I wondered what they would do in the winter, however he already thought ahead. When it gets cooler, we’ll trade out the component for a small heater. We were assigned a waiter who took our order, did the clean-up and delivered our food. We thought it would be an strange way to dine, but it was really pretty cool. As long as the pandemic is raging, I think we’ll be coming here more often. Who knows, if the food is regularly good, it could become a proper for us.


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