Dirty air conditioning causes air quality concerns

Last summer, I had all sorts of health complaints.

I dealt with frequent headaches plus sore throat. I was constantly plugged, sneezing plus coughing. I had difficulty sleeping plus entirely little energy in the nights. Although I have never suffered from dust sensitivities, I thought that might be the problem. I then noticed that our health concerns disappeared when I spent time outside. I realized that I usually felt much better while I was at work. My symptoms always worsened when I was at home. I became suspicious that the air conditioning was to blame. I instantly stressed service with a professional Heating plus A/C company. The company took the outdoor machine apart plus found a significant buildup of contaminants. There was a great deal of dust plus lint accumulated on the fan blades. There was algae thriving in the condensate drain. There were small bugs, debris plus a great deal of mold growth, but he said that whenever the cooling system operated, the pollutants were becoming airborne plus spread to every room in the house. I was breathing them in plus getting sick. To prevent energy waste, I’d made sure to carefully seal, caulk, weatherstrip plus tighten up the house, and by eliminating leaks, cracks plus drafts, I’d also gotten rid of natural ventilation. The combination of the dirty air conditioning plus insufficient natural ventilation led to awful indoor air quality. Along with a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning, the Heating plus A/C company proposed the replacement of a ventilator. The ventilator is designed to bring in fresh clean air plus detach the stale contaminated air.

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