Dirty cooling system causes health complications

I now guess the importance of having the cooling system professionally inspected every Springtime

Last summer, I was sick constantly. I missed a whole bunch of work and spent all of the beautiful weather huddled inside. I went to the dentist twice, took antibiotics and lots of vitamins. I ate fruit, drank water and made sure to get plenty of sleep, then nothing seemed to make any improvements in our health. Every afternoon, I woke up with a headache and suffered from itchy eyes, sore throat and congestion. I frequently sneezed and coughed and had no energy. My symptoms didn’t go away until the weather changed. When the outside temperature cooled off a bit, I was able to shut down the cooling system and open the windows. I felt that the fresh air was making a huge improvement in our health. That’s when I realized that the cooling system might just be to blame for all of our complications. Although I’d been conscientious about replacing the air filter, I hadn’t busy professional repair for the cooling system in multiple years. I instantly hired a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to check out the cooling system. When she took the component apart, she showed me the inner workings. I was disgusted by the buildup of dust and the mold and bacterial growth; She confirmed that every time the cooling system cycled on, it was spreading contaminants throughout the home. I was breathing these harmful toxins into our lungs and sacrificing our health. I now guess the importance of having the cooling system professionally inspected every Springtime. With correct cleaning and adjustments of the components, I can be sure the cooling system is working at peak capacity, efficiency and reliability. I can trust that the air coming from the vents is as disinfect as possible.

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