Disease Smelling Dogs –

Dogs have a sense of smell that is far superior to a human’s olfactory capabilities. They can be trained to sniff out hidden drugs, lost children, and to track escaped criminals. Some canines can detect certain medical conditions as they pick-up “signature” odors from diseases that alter the normal human scent. We are not quite ready to be diagnosed by a trained bloodhound at the doctor’s office, but I have noticed that a dog’s paw print can resemble a doctor’s signature on a prescription. Until then, I’ll still trust human doctors, but there are other tasks I would love my two dogs at home to carry out. Like most men, I cannot possibly understand women so maybe “Bella”, my pet pug can detect when my wife is angry and give me some warning that I’m about to get the silent treatment for a while. I also want “Billy”, my lovable mutt, to alert me when my kids are about ready to ask for money. With that warning, I could quickly empty my wallet before they begin to plead. I will also use my dog’s talents to tell me when my HVAC system is ready for a filter change or needs a cleaning and maintenance service by a qualified HVAC professional. That would prevent my HVAC system from getting “sick” from accumulated dirt, dead bugs, and other slimy stuff that can “infect” any HVAC system and ductwork. Dogs hear better than humans too, so if my HVAC system is making strange noises that I can’t hear, perhaps troubles can be avoided with a quick repair. That’s much better than waiting for the inevitable louder noises followed by the dead silence and smellier conditions when the HVAC unit stops working completely.


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