Do I need a new thermostat?

Do you suppose what the age-old question is, wondered by many throughout this giant universe of ours?  You might think that I am referring to the meaning of life, or something appreciate that. However, I am absolutely talking about whether you should keep the temperature of your heating & cooling system at a set temperature every day, all day long, or whether you should adjust the control component as the weather changes.  Some people think that they should keep the a/c running when they are not house in order to not come house to a sizzling house. Then others simply adjust the control component higher, or lower (depending on the time of year) so that the heat or cooling system does not come on as often. Both of these groups would benefit from a programmable control unit.  That way the programmable control component would do the adjustment for them, & the thinking. Besides, having control over the control component in our house is akin to claiming ownership over the cable control. It is a sacred position, & rarely do I get control of either the control component or the TV. So I have asked our fiance to consider a programmable control component so the two of us won’t be increasing anything.  I realize that he will still have the last word on the temperature control of the house, but maybe I can get the Heating & Air Conditioning tech to program some temperatures for me, too. After all, our fiance is not house all the time, & it is those other times that I would appreciate to have our number one temperature control temperatures.

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