Do they ever stop?

I am so close to just detaching our iPhone and having our number changed! I have been getting constant iPhone calls at least twice a morning from some heating and air conditioner business trying to sell me their stupid heating and air conditioner repair plan! I am so fed the heck up with it all! I have told them several times that I am not interested, nor will their heating and cooling repair plan help me in the least… I also even went as far as to tell them that I already have a great heating and air conditioner repair plan with our local heat and cooling system contractor that I deal with. And they still will not take me off their call list! This is borderline harassment! I told the last clown that called me that if I got one more call I was going to not only report their heating and air conditioner business to the better business bureau (also known as the BBB), however that I was going to call the local police and slap a harassment charge on the heating and air conditioner dealer, well funny enough, after I made that threat, the calls finally stopped! Occasionally you have to get ultra hard with idiots like this. It makes you wonder with these harassing difficult sales calls…would they certainly have to do this if their business or repair was easily good? No! They would not! So anytime you get a sales call, you consistently recognize that it is some kind of a scam!
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