Do you believe in Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law says that if something can go wrong, it will.

My mother always said that things always happen in three.

I just believe that I’ve got horrible luck. The other week, we were having trouble with our hot water heater. The water was getting colder and you could hear the pipes rattling whenever there was hot water turned on. This week, we have a problem with the well. WE are getting the most horrendous sounds coming from the water pipes when we turn on the water. The water is spitting out at us and we aren’t getting very much pressure. We called our son who told us he couldn’t pull the pump but he was pretty sure it was the well pump. Our well is 430 feet deep and it is going to need a professional well driller to pull the pump so it can be replaced. Today, we turned on the air conditioner on the hottest day of summer and the air conditioning wasn’t working. The humidity was building and I felt like I was in a sauna. My husband was now overwhelmed and he couldn’t even think. His ADD was acting up and he had to get out of the house for a couple minutes. I called the HVAC company and told them about the AC. Within an hour, he was in the house and working on the AC unit. Within half an hour, he got the AC working again. That was one thing off my husband’s shoulders. I would throw my hands up and ask what next, but I don’t want to tempt the Fates.

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