Do you guess that it doesn’t mean air purification when it says Heating & A/C?

My mom and Mom had always had an media air cleaner in their heating and a/c.

Mom said that the media air cleaner was important for great air quality.

I assume I thought that if mom and Mom had something, I assumed most people had it. I was the reverse of keeping up with the Joneses. We were the Jones and most people was trying to keep up with us. When I got our own apartment, I had a small Heating & A/C system in the apartment. I had Zone Control, and I thought I had the best home ever. The only thing that concerned me was how our allergies were acting up when I was in the apartment. I didn’t enjoy how bad I felt, and I soon wanted to split our lease. My mom asked what was so bad about the apartment. I told his about the media air cleaner not laboring. Mom smiled and told me that not most people had media air cleaners in their homes. Since I was in an apartment, they most likely didn’t have an media air cleaner. I thought this was crazy since I had to have an media air cleaner if I had an Heating & A/C system. That’s when Mom told me that media air cleaners were an add-on and few people had an media air cleaner in their Heating & A/C system. I felt enjoy someone had just slapped me upside the head for being so stupid. I went to town and obtained a portable media air cleaner for the apartment. It didn’t toil and the whole home media air cleaner the two of us had at home, however our allergies weren’t nearly as bad now.

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