Do you invest in Cryptocurrencies?

I got the Robinhood app a year and a half ago just after lockdown to give myself something to do. It was one of the worst financial decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been saving money from my online teaching job and managed to save over $13,000 in the bank in a few weeks. Sadly, I took that money and bought some cryptos with it and now my money has dwindled down to zero. It almost seems impossible that you can lose all of your money, however , trust me, it’s totally doable. I’m impatient and greedy and that cost me dearly. I could have taken that money and bought a nice HVAC device to save me energy costs in the new home since the winter was so cold the last two years. I worked so hard for that money and just threw it all away with my bad habits. I believe life can be a bitter pill to swallow periodically. Now I have to work part time at the a/c store stocking shelves with smart thermostats and heat pumps and think about all of the money I wasted. I need to let go of that money because it is in someone else’s pocket now. My cooling representative told me he made the same mistake and that he is a cooling expert and not a financial expert for a reason. I think we just need to stick to what the two of us are good at and let the other people do it for you. I’ll just focus now on the indoor air quality in my home home instead of cryptos for a healthier mind, body, and bank account!
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