Doesn’t take too much to care for HVAC equipment

I think many of us were taught from an early age that if you take care of things, they will most likely last longer.

Then that was followed up with the idea that we should have respect for the things in our lives that make life easier.

That’s why we change the oil in our cars or the myriad other displays of attention we engage in every single day. The better we care for our stuff, the more likely it is that it will keep going and keep making life that much sweeter. The same is absolutely true when it comes to the HVAC equipment in our homes. Whether we live in the north or the south, heating and cooling is pretty much essential to all of our lives. Thankfully, we live in a time when there is excellent HVAC technology. And that HVAC technology has produced heating and cooling equipment that provides comfort no matter the season. But HVAC equipment does not operate in a vacuum. It has to deal with gravity and decay just like the rest of us. So it’s important that the HVAC equipment is properly cared for. Most importantly, the HVAC equipment in our homes should get consistent HVAC maintenance. The heaters and air conditioners we use are a blend of physics and excellent engineering. However, this stuff needs attention from an HVAC professional on a semi annual basis. Additionally, it’s important to change air filters, make sure all vents are open and move any air flow obstruction. It really doesn’t take a lot more than simply paying attention. And I think the wonder of HVAC deserves at least that.


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