Dog fur clogging up my HVAC

If I end up needing HVAC service, my brother is paying for it

I am dog sitting for my brother. Watching his dog makes me realize that I never want a pet. Yes, the pup is super cute and fun to pet. But, there are too many downsides to the creature. The dog is a lot of work and picking up poop is just plain gross. The worst is how the animal affects my house. The dog sheds fur in three different colors. Brown, white and black hair show up in the weirdest places. I am constantly vacuuming and cleaning up dog hair. The fur has actually got up inside of my HVAC system. I usually clean out my air filter every month. With the dog I check the AC filter everyday. The hair clogs it up and my heating and air doesn’t run as good. I also don’t want to have fur polluting my indoor air quality. I don’t have a pet dander allergy, but it can’t be good to breathe in. I am worried that some of the hair might have gotten deeper into my HVAC too. So that means it is running sluggish and costing me more money. I might have a future HVAC repair over a dog. So right now I am trying to take apart my HVAC to give it a good cleaning. Having something to pet and play with is not worth this kind of stress. If I end up needing HVAC service, my brother is paying for it. His overly hairy dog would have been the cause of it. My HVAC was in good condition before the dog arrived.


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