Dogecoin is Going to Pay My Bills for our Heating as well as Air Conditioning System

I firmly know that Dogecoin is here to stay now that Elon Musk is backing it.

I can then buy our current central heating plus cooling unit, along with the best smart control component money can buy.

If the world’s richest person is holding a billion dollars of a stock then you can be rest assured it is going up in value. I’ve been wanting a current Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan for eons plus now Elon is going to buy 1 for me. I think it has a ripple effect when you are in the circle of someone with so much money, more money just flows into your life. Think about it. I want to get an Heating as well as Air Conditioning component with a entirely high SEER rating so I can almost omit our power bills each week. My rent is quite overpriced so I entirely don’t have the money to be spending on electric bills each month plus the rent. I would also like to get a quality whole-house air purifier for our flat so I can stop taking the flu symptom pills for once in our life. I keep the windows closed in our flat but the pollen is so superb that it still finds its way into the flat plus then into our body. I’ve installed HEPA filters in everything in our house that uses filters so I am trying to cut down on the allergens but the current whole-house air purifiers do things that I cannot do. I don’t care what the cost is though because our neighbor Elon has been kind enough to pay for it. Thanks Musk.

Heating and air conditioning system