Dogecoin is Looking Good Today Against Bitcoin

Dogecoin had a rough day yesterday and I was tempted to sell when my losses got over the $6k mark, but I held onto it and am happy I did.

It’s easy to get caught up in the crypto when it is having a slow day and feel like it is going to crash, but usually more often than not it will climb back up the following day.

I feel like cryptos are here to stay and that once the general public believes in them too the prices are going to skyrocket. I am sitting on 600K coins right now. I’d love to buy a new radiant heater and some heated floors. I have no idea how they install them but if they can do it with the wood floors I have in the flat now then I would probably get it done. We live on the bottom floor and in the winter time it can get really cold and my feet just ache from being so cold for so long. I have some money coming soon so why not put it into improving the quality and comfort of my life? I don’t like blowing money but I think having good air quality and a good HVAC system is important. I will let my money sit in Dogecoin for the rest of this year and then probably cash out if it ends up making me some money. I live simply but need a good air conditioner and furnace in my flat because we can have some pretty extreme weather here.



a/c worker