Doing a group training class to meet people

The class turned out to be great.

After I graduated from college I decided I wanted to move down south. I wanted to get better weather, nicer people and start my life fresh. The problem is that I moved to an area where I did not know a single person. If I wanted to go out to dinner, movies or shop, I was alone. In order to make friends I did activities I would not normally do. Any classes offered in the area I took advantage of with the sole purpose of meeting people. I found that there is a core progression gym in my area. They offered group fitness training classes three times a week. I got a gym membership and signed up for the class immediately. At first I just wanted to meet people that lived near me and that liked to work out. After doing the class with the personal trainer for a few days, I realized I enjoyed the class too. I never worked with a personal trainer before. I never have actually gotten any instruction on how to work out properly for a woman. I got exercises that target muscles I have never used before. I was also given a health plan on what to eat, when to work out outside of class and what stretches I should continue doing. The class turned out to be great. I met quite a few women my age that liked to get together after class for lunch. I had a weekly hang out and I also was losing weight. I think I might check out other classes the gym has to offer.

Group Physical Training Classes