Doing homework

Back when I was in high school I used to hate having to do homework! I mean, what kid didn’t hate doing homework? But I had to struggle through it like everyone else.

However, if I didn’t have the right temperatures in my bedroom, I could not do my homework properly.

At one point this became an issue because in the winter it would get pretty cold. And the old gas furnace we had at the time just didn’t heat my room good enough. My parents eventually bought me a portable space heater. The portable space heaters in those days were those big and bulky things, and in my opinion, not as portable as they claimed to be. But never the less, the portable space heater was the answer to my issue. Once I had that portable space heater, I was able to fly through my home work every single day of the week that I had to do it. And also, I was able to sleep a lot better being nice and warm instead of freezing from the cold air that would end up getting into my bedroom. That portable space heater was a big life changer for me. Not only in doing my homework as a kid, but it also was something that carried with me into my adult life. I have 3 portable space heaters in my home today. 1 for each bedroom. My kids are always warm in the cold winters. And also, the portable space heaters today are actually portable! If only my kids knew what portable space heaters used to be!

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