Doing more than woodworking

After High School I knew that university was the last thing I wanted.

I never liked school to begin with and the plan of spending all that cash on classes I didn’t want to go to anyway just didn’t make sense.

I had older cousins that were still paying student loans while working in a completely unusual field that what they studied anyway. For these reasons I decided to look into local trade schools. I found a single that offered classes in carpentry and I instantaneously decided that this was the work path I wanted to take. There will always be a need for skilled labor in this field and I felt I could use our talents and creativity to make pieces that would undoubtedly fit into people’s lives. I had created a few things in shop class and several people told me that I should make and sell them. This could open the door for me to start our own business making custom pieces for people too. Not everyone wants those pre-fab big box furniture items and they are willing to pay for an expert to create something that is truly their own. If I can run a successful supplier and create works that will last the test of time that is all the better. I could set our own hours and prices too. The best area is that I can work while I am still in school and start doing smaller works for people to build our reputation. I will use our newly l acquired skills to enhance the pieces that I create as time goes on.


Italian furniture