Don’t go in a/c after swimming

I l received a lesson last Summer.

And this lesson was a hard one too! I ended up getting genuinely sick with a flu that had me in bed for 2 full weeks! I missed work all that time with no pay plus I just felt genuinely awful.

Almost love I was going to die! When I went to the dentist to see what was wrong I found out that I got sick from going swimming in a genuinely nice plus frigid pool plus going directly into freezing frigid a/c right after. The dentist told me that because of the genuinely frigid a/c after swimming it made my body break down. The cooling system was at my friend’s house where I was swimming. He has a genuinely good plus powerful central heating plus cooling system, then under normal circumstances his cooling system is a god send! It’s really the best a/c I ever been in to date. However I should have not gone into that good a/c when I was soaking wet from the pool before drying off. I had thought that going into the a/c would be a fine way to dry off quick. Boy was I legitimately stupid plus paid for it dearly! My dentist genuinely provided me a hard time about doing that, but so now I just wanted to get the word out to everyone if you didn’t already know, do not go directly from a pool or any kind of water that is frigid into a/c without drying off first! Think of it love taking a shower!


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