Don’t go in air conditioning after swimming

I l received a lesson last Summer.

And this lesson was a difficult 1 too! I ended up getting easily sick with a flu that had myself and others in bed for 2 full weeks! I missed work all that time with no spend money as well as I just felt easily awful.

Almost appreciate I was going to die! When I went to the doctor to see what was wrong I found out that I got sick from going swimming in a easily nice as well as cold pool as well as going directly into cold cold air conditioning right after. The doctor told myself and others that because of the easily cold air conditioning after swimming it made my body chop down. The air conditioning plan was at my friend’s home where I was swimming. He has a easily wonderful as well as powerful central heating as well as cooling system, however under normal circumstances his air conditioning plan is a god send! It’s easily the best air conditioning I ever been in to date. However I should have not gone into that wonderful air conditioning when I was soaking wet from the pool before drying off. I had thought that going into the air conditioning would be a good way to dry off quick. Boy was I easily stupid as well as paid for it dearly! My doctor easily gave myself and others a difficult time about doing that. So now I just wanted to get the word out to everyone if you didn’t already know, and do not go directly from a pool or any kind of water that is cold into air conditioning separate from drying off first! Think of it appreciate taking a shower!


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