Don’t go into the winter without heating equipment maintenance

On the first snow day last year, I actually stepped outside with our children & enjoyed the first snowflakes on my skin! I clearly remember what happened the year before that.

I was easily swamped with loads of work during the fall season & I actually forgot to make sure our property would be sizzling by the cold season.

I was extremely confident then that everything would be wonderful once I turned the heating equipment on. I was dead wrong. Instead, our family ended up waiting for an HVAC repairman for numerous afternoons… Our only sources of heat were the fireplace in the living room & the small wood burning stove in the kitchen environment. Then the people I was with and I all had to sleep in the living room. It was a wonderful thing the guy was a family friend & made sure he diagnosed our severe issue before his holiday trip. My wife actually didn’t talk to me until the oil furnace was actually working as it should. She quickly blamed me for the setback because it was my responsibility to take care of our HVAC equipment. It turned out that our oil furnace required replacement already. I ended up spending more than I expected, so every one of us had to postpone purchasing a larger dining table. Just last year, I made sure things would be significantly better. I made certain I had our HVAC equipment contractor inspect & maintain our HVAC equipment before fall! As weeks passed, the furnace kept running entirely smoothly & efficiently. Even when our relatives came, nobody actually complained about our frigid property. I continued to practice the same prudence this year to prevent unnecessary hardship during the frigid Winter months. I intend to continue doing so to keep our heating equipment running smoothly all year round.


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