Don’t laugh at me, I’m trying

I know our sibling does web design for a business on the internet, but that’s about it. He works from home, in addition to I had watched make changes to people’s websites that I seriously didn’t know could be done. He changed colors, in addition to localed words over pictures most of the time. He did such good web designs that our mind was boggled. When I got to our HVAC dealer, I told him what I needed on a website, but I had no idea how to do it. I didn’t know where to start. He told me I needed to get a web host so I had nowhere to build our website. I then had to find an online business that would supply me the website with our name. I was lost when he said a web host and zoned out. I wanted to know if I had to spend money for all of this, in addition to he said it wasn’t free. I started with web hosting, in addition to after that I got a domain name. All I had to do for myself was build our website. I couldn’t even figure out what web design I was going to use. The paid website host gave me multiple things I could use, but I had to spend money for all of them. This actually was a larger venture than I had planned on taking. When our sibling saw our website, he really laughed. He told me everything I was doing wrong, but he didn’t show me how to do it right. I just came right out in addition to asked if he would do the web design for me in addition to supplying me a website that would attract patrons.


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