Don’t let an HVAC technician trick you into buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need

I really hate it when people try to trick me, which is why I got really frustrated last weekend when my HVAC technician tried to tell me I needed a new AC unit.

I called my HVAC technician just to see if I could get a few things tuned up on my air conditioner and he said he would come over to take a look. When my HVAC technician got to the house he said that he might have to replace the AC unit, and this was before he even looked at it! I knew something was up right away, it’s not often that an HVAC technician will diagnose a problem before even looking at the heating and cooling system. I decided to just let the HVAC technician continue what he was doing, but I regretted letting him look at my AC unit. He told me that I would end up paying more for HVAC parts than if I just got a new AC unit. I told the HVAC technician I would have to think about it and I called one of my friends. My friend used to work as HVAC technician and he came over to look at the air conditioner. After looking at my AC unit for a few minutes he told me it was easily fixable and could last for about 3 more years. I was so upset that my HVAC technician had tried to trick me. I called the HVAC technician and told him I was going to report him and his HVAC business. The HVAC technician apologized and said he must have overlooked something and that he would do the HVAC services for free. The HVAC technician came over later that night and fixed my AC unit like I had asked in the first place.

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