Don’t need much heating in the south

Wintertide weather hits us hard every year.  I’m from the South so I have the worst time enduring the Wintertide up here.  I do my best to be a good person around the winter. The snow is beautiful as well as it is attractive to have a white Christmas.  But, that’s about it for the win column. I won’t bore you with all my petty complaints about the freezing cold. Let’s just say Wintertide can’t get over soon enough for me. In the beginning, all I knew to do was keep cranking up the heat.  However, that opportunity just isn’t very sustainable from an economic standpoint. I found myself spending more on giving the gas furnace logs than I was spending on feeding my family. It was out of hand. Every damn room felt as though it was drafty as well as cold. After a few weeks, I figured out that I needed to be a bit more proactive in my conflict against the bitter cold. To start off, I went around the cabin to be completely particular that each vent was open and also pretty uncongested.  I called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning guy to come out to move the control device to a more central location in the living area. This way the control device gets a more accurate temperature read. A acquaintance of mine came over to the cabin to lend me a hand. He recommended the two of us remove as well as replace all the weather stripping. After that the two of us decided to go after the windows with spray insulating foam around the window casing. Finally, the two of us used his temperature gun to find cracks in the siding of my cabin where treated air was escaping.  It was well worth the effort because the drafts I regularly felt are gone. And, now the heat stays right where it needs to say. I still dislike Winter but at least it doesn’t cost me a load of cash anymore.

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