Don’t take the easy choice

One of my favorite actors happens to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love seeing him in the terminator movies the most. The one scene that I really love the most is in Terminator 2 when the T-1000 terminator with the liquid metal body becomes frozen by liquid hydrogen. While I love this section when Arnold Schwarzenegger says her famous line, “Hasta La Vista Baby”; it kills myself and others that she does this next to the molten steel that allows the T-1000 to quickly thaw out! I figure they could have done something like placed him in a truck with the cooling plan on full blast or something to keep him from thawing out so quickly! Perhaps the air conditioner wouldn’t keep him from thawing out eventually, but it at least would have slowed him down! It really didn’t take long for him to thaw out & come right after them! I wished they had some kind of powerful cooling equipment to keep him from coming after them, or they could have just shoved him in a deep freezer & perhaps she would just remain frozen. Well, it doesn’t matter what I know because regardless, the film carried things out perfectly. It ended up being the molten steel that destroyed the T-1000 anyway. Talk about your drastic heating & cooling! Of course, it was sad when Arnold Schwarzenegger had to be destroyed in the end also to get rid of the advanced futuristic tablet chip, but I love how she gave that thumbs up as she was being lowered into the molten steel.

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