Don’t want fiance working on furnace

My fiance, Marty, never wants to hire a professional to handle repairs around the house.

He is sure he can service everything himself. He’s invested a lot of money into a wide collection of tools, but unluckyly, Marty isn’t overly handy and usually worsens the problems with my appliances. His repairs have led to us buying a current family room faucet, washing unit and vacuum cleaner. When I noticed the furnace wasn’t acting right, I tried to hide it from Marty. I adjusted the temperature control a little lower so the heating program wouldn’t need to work as hard. I hoped he wouldn’t realize the furnace was running just about nonstop. I didn’t mention the musty aroma in the air or that some rooms were much colder than others. I vacuumed and dusted constantly, hoping to cover for the excessive amount of dust flying around. I also tied up an appointment for service with a local Heating and Air Conditioning contractor. The first opening for an appointment was not for several days. By that time, Marty caught on that the furnace was struggling. He heard the bizarre noises it made whenever it cycled on, and although I found all sorts of other tasks for him to tackle around the house, he eventually started working on the furnace. He took the heating program completely apart. Because the gas furnace includes a combustion process and produces byproducts such as carbon monoxide, I was upset about safety problems. Marty promised that he was only going to take a look, but he couldn’t resist. When he saw the buildup of dust and debris within the system, he started cleaning. He was easily careful and managed to put all the several parts back together again. I was shocked and impressed when the furnace started right up and ran perfectly.


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