Dreading the thought of camping

I allowed my best friend to convince me to go camping with she and her daughters.

I hated camping and my girls hated camping. I could not find any reason to sleep out on the ground, suffer from humidity and heat, and get bug bites and sunburn. I liked my air conditioning and I didn’t see why there was any reason to not enjoy the creature comforts. My girlfriend told me that she had a camper where you could sleep inside and that there were showers and bathrooms close to where they camped. I told her I would meet her at the campground since I had to work the day they left. My daughter tried to talk me into not going that afternoon. She wanted to stay home since the weather had turned hotter than they had predicted. The humidity was as high as the temperature. She told me I should let her home if I insisted on going. My other day arranged to take someone’s shift so she was able to go. She laughed when she said she even had AC at work. I didn’t think she was funny. My youngest couldn’t stay home since she was too young to be alone. When we got to the campsite, we both left out a sigh of relief. She was in a travel camper. There was two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The camper slept six comfortable and we had heating and air conditioning. She even had a dehumidifier in the camper. I was really glad that I had shown up that evening.

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