Dropping cooling system down the stairs

When our sibling took a job down south as well as got ready to move, he gave me his window cooling system, however in his new location, the tepid weather requires central air conditioner, but where I live in the north, our summer time weather correctly only lasts a couple of weeks.

Because the temperature can climb into the high eighties with excessive humidity, a window cooling system in the family room is absolutely helpful, then although our sibling’s cooling system was super old, I was cheerful to get it.

I was a little surprised by how bulky as well as heavy the device was. I found it rather difficult to lift the device up onto the window sill. At the end of the summer, when the weather cooled off, I struggled to get the cooling system up the attic stairs for storage. I needed to lift it onto one stair at a time, the next Springtime, when the outside temperature once again started to heat up, I dreaded carry the cooling system down the stairs. I decided to set the device on a blanket, drag it across the floor as well as then bump it down one stair at a time, however unluckyly, I lost control of the cooling system as well as it rolled all the way down the attic stairs. The device smashed into a million pieces. Unwilling to go without a cooling device in our family room, I headed to the house improvement store as well as bought one. I didn’t realize that moder window cooling systems are so reasonably priced, compact as well as lightweight. The one I bought is also way more powerful than the one I broke.