Dual fuel system is expensive to buy and install

Living in the northeastern part of the country, heating is the priority.

It’s often necessary to run the heater from late August until sometime in April.

However brief the summer weather, it can climb into the low nineties and the humidity is always brutal. Because there is rarely a time when I can go without either heating or cooling, I wanted to find an energy efficiency form of temperature control. I considered lots of different options and finally settled on a dual fuel system. Although this combination of a gas furnace and electric heat pump is very expensive to purchase and install, the system has quickly paid for itself. It helps to minimize my energy costs and impact on the environment all year round. During the summer, the heat pump acts much like a central air conditioner. It extracts heat from the inside air, pumps it outside and creates a cooling effect. The heat pump achieves very high efficiency levels and is great at handling excess humidity. Once the outdoor weather starts to cool down, I simply switch the system over to heating mode. The heat pump gathers ambient heat and pumps it indoors. It simply moves heat from one place to another, eliminating all the drawbacks of a combustion process. The process is quiet, clean, safe and very efficient. Unfortunately, the heat pump struggles to keep up when the weather drops below freezing. That’s when the gas furnace starts up and handles demand. By splitting the workload, both components should last far longer.

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