Duct cleaning gets rid of bad smells

I was relieved that the duct cleaning process wasn’t overly intrusive or expensive.

Last July, my two sons and my husband took a fishing charter together. They left early in the morning, spent the whole day out on the lake, and came home with a cooler of fresh fish. We made dinner on the barbecue, ate on the patio and enjoyed a delicious meal. There were a lot of filets leftover, so I froze the remainder. I finally thawed them out to surprise my husband and sons with a fish dinner in the middle of January. The meal wasn’t a surprise because there was no way to hide or avoid the odor. With the furnace operating at maximum capacity, the smell got pulled into the air ducts and spread to every room in the house. The outside temperature was down to eight degrees, so there was no way I could open the windows and get some fresh air. I vacuumed, dusted, sprayed room deodorizers and burned scented candles, but nothing helped with the odor. After several days, I scheduled a service with a professional HVAC contractor. When the technician inspected the heating system, he discovered a significant accumulation of pollutants inside the ducts. The debris had absorbed the odor and was causing the smell to linger. This build up of contaminants was also restricting airflow and increasing the workload of the furnace. Issues with comfort, indoor air quality and higher than necessary energy bills were all because of the dirty ductwork. I was relieved that the duct cleaning process wasn’t overly intrusive or expensive. It was completed in a little over an hour. The technician used what looked like a giant vacuum cleaner with a long hose and a brush attachment. This machine dislodged stubborn contaminants and debris and then sucked them up.



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