Duct sealing trims daily energy costs

Over the course of a year, our energy costs grew steadily higher, then despite taking energy saving measures, I paid more every month.

I tried setting the temperature control to a more passable level, caulked around the windows & weatherstripped the exterior doors, however it made very little difference.

In December, when our lake house felt downright chilly & the furnace was running just about non stop, I finally called an Heating & Air Conditioning professional for assistance. The business checked the furnace, gave a thorough cleaning & adjustment of the component & then diagnosed the HVAC duct! He discovered that approximately thirty percent of the heated air was escaping through holes in the ducts. Since the HVAC duct is concealed inside the walls & ceilings, I was a bit uneasy about how to effectively resolve this problem. The business explained a process called Aeroseal, which uses pressurized air & adhesive polymer particles. With the supply & return vents jammed off, air is pumped into the duct system. As it escapes through cracks & flaws, those sticky particles cling to the edges & gradually build up until an airtight seal is formed. There’s no odor or residue left behind & the polymer particles are totally safe. The Aeroseal process was completed in a couple of hours & is guaranteed for many years. The improvement in the comfort of our lake house was frightening. The furnace no longer needs to work as taxing or run as long to maintain the ideal indoor temperature, and my daily energy costs are significantly lower, & the lake house odors better & stays cleaner. I plan to have the HVAC duct professionally diagnosed every year.



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