Ductwork sealing never seems like a requirement

Probably the least fun thing in the entire world is ductwork sealing. I don’t like paying for a dentist appointment or a car oil change. At least with those things, I can see or feel the difference. Ductwork sealing is always something that I don’t notice. Maybe my HVAC professional is pulling one over on me. Everytime I get my HVAC tune up, the HVAC professional looks over the air ducts. He then tells me that I am losing energy since I have a tear in the seam or a hole in the duct. I never notice any tear or hole. I never notice any difference in my bill. I just tell the HVAC professional to do the ductwork sealing and I pay the bill. The cost of ductwork sealing is not too bad. Watching the process hurts my heart though. Seeing what I am paying for makes it not worth it. The guy takes a thing that looks like a bicycle pump and shoots air into the ductwork. The air is supposed to have sealant particles that go in the air ducts and mold into them. Apparently those particles can then solve the hole and energy loss problem. I think it is possible the guy charges me a few bucks to shoot air in my air vent. I sometimes think there is no leak in the ductwork at all. But, I am not really willing to take a gamble on this. If there is actually a leak, this could really be bad for my HVAC equipment. So I will always pay for the stupid repair.



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