Dusty air, dusty filters

I live in a single of those difficult areas that no matter what you do, you just can’t get rid of all the natural floating dust in the air! And because of this dust all over the locale, it constantly seems like it’s costs myself and others double what it should when having to go out and purchase air filters for my furnace and my central air conditioning system every few months.

Most people have to buy a single or numerous packs of HVAC air filters for their central heating and air conditioning systems, their traditional forced air furnaces or their plain old central cooling units.

But as for me, and I’m sure several others in the area where I live, you actually need to buy about more than three packs in a year. I have even heard people around here trying to combat this by getting come sauce whole home air purification systems. They do make the indoor air quality itself truly nice and breathable, but even the whole home air purification plan honestly can not stop all this dust! There is no real answer at this point to this as to why it happens in this area, or, if there will ever eventually be some kind of air purification technology that may be able to finally clear this dust in people’s homes. This is also why a lot of people simply end up getting dust irritations in this area. Even if they never had existing dust irritations in their lives. I have easily considered moving out of the Dusty area because of all the uncontrollable dust around here. I recognize it would be better for myself and others and my family’s health all together.


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